Municipal Infrastructure

Every project is unique, encompassing different influences.

Design Point Consulting Engineers

Our aim is to create urban environments where new livelihoods and sustainable communities are born through a thoughtful and integrated approach to urban planning and design. Design Point Consulting Engineers offer a complete solution package to our clients and we look forward to putting a team together for you.

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Water and Environment

Design Point Consulting Engineers takes a critical role in sustainable solutions

Environmental considerations and the availability of water

We provide advice and expert technical solutions in relation to the development of natural resources, land and property, and the management of the built, natural and social environment to enable clients to achieve their objectives in a sustainable manner.

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Mining Infrastructure

Bulk water infrastructure such as reservoirs, pipelines and pumpstations

Design Point Consulting Engineers and structural engineering services.

Not only do we provide a comprehensive water balance capability using Goldsim software, but we cover the full range of infrastructure design to support the outcomes of the water balance. We also provide technical support and specialist studies to produce water infrastructure.

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Structural Engineering

A complete range of structural engineering services

Access some of the country’s most well respected structural engineers

With access to some of the country’s most well respected structural engineers, we provide a complete range of structural engineering services, ranging from complex designs through to immense structural inspections.

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